Athletic Screening – It’s here now!

Hopefully by now you’ve seen or heard about our Athletic screening program, incorporating the AxIT functional assessment system. If not, it is a system made up of force plates and dynamometers that can measure how hard, fast and controlled you can perform a series of movements with your body, almost any action you can think of we can measure it! 

The Athletic screen isn’t designed for athletes alone

Anyone who wants to assess their body in a functional capacity can use this system just the same! In the athletic screen there will be a series of simple body movements that we can compare the left and right hand side of your body. It has the capability to measure as little as 1% differentials from side to side, whereas in the traditional clinician method you need 25% of difference to notice! 

We can individualise your program

The beauty of this is we can individualise your program for your desired sport, hobby or activity, For example a screen for a basketball player can include vertical jump test, landing test, hopping power as well as the strength of your shooting arm, footballers can look at push up power, lunge control, hip stability and muscles you use to run all day. If your hobby or work is mowing the lawn, we can even set up a system for how well you pull the starter cord! 

This screen can really be performed at any time

Pre-season is a good time to start so that we can try and prevent anything that might make you miss weeks during the season. After an injury is a great way to see if you’re ready to return to play safely, just because it feels okay doesn’t mean it has the strength required. This is why we often see repeated hamstring and other soft tissue injuries re-occur. 

How long does the appointment go for?

In an easy one hour appointment we can measure 15-20 movements and give you real time feedback, instantly! With this information we can identify potential weaknesses and areas that could be injured if imbalances aren’t addressed. Most of these imbalances can be corrected with simple exercises, or altering your current program to enhance either strength, endurance or acceleration for the exercise or muscle group. What’s holding you back click here to book NOW

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