GLA:D Exercise & Education Program

Sports & Spinal Albury is now offering the world renowned GLA:D program!

Standing for “Good Life with osteo Arthritis in Denmark” GLA:D is a six week exercise and education based program that was brought to Australia in 2016 to assist people experiencing symptoms associated with either hip or knee OA with the ongoing management of their condition. Research continues to show that exercise and education based interventions are the most effective in achieving symptom reduction and should therefore be our first port of call before exploring alternative management strategies.

Prior to commencing the program

  • You will undergo a 1:1 assessment with our GLA:D trained physiotherapist Rachel to gain a deeper understanding of your current functional abilities via baseline testing in addition to discussing goals that we can work on alongside you to achieve.
  • You will then attend twice weekly exercise sessions that are individually tailored to you in addition to two education sessions over the six week period to empower you with the knowledge on how best to manage your condition.
  • We will then touch base with you in a second 1:1 assessment three months following our initial consult to ensure you are continuing to progress well and offer any further guidance and support deemed necessary.

Research continues to show that exercise and education based interventions are the most effective in achieving symptom reduction.

Exercise classes focus on

Performance of resistance exercises under the guidance of your physiotherapist to improve the control and strength of your hip or knee joint as well as your confidence in it. While the predominant aim of the GLA:D program is to prevent or delay joint replacement surgery it can also be suitable to assist with preparation for those who have elected to undergo surgery (stronger you go in = stronger you come out). It can also be accessed by those who have had joint replacements in the past and feel as though they need further strengthening.

Do I Need an OA Diagnosis via Imaging To Participate?

No! Research is frequently emphasising that we should be moving away from relying on imaging for the diagnosis of OA and will be more dependent on your clinical examination within the treatment room.

Patient Outcomes

  • 75% of people experienced meaningful improvement in pain or quality of life at 12 months.
  • 75% of people considering joint replacement surgery prior to participation in the GLA:D program no longer desired surgery.
  • Reduced sick leave, reliance on pain medications, improved functional capacity and quality of life.

How Do I Book?

Simply fill out the form below or contact our Admin Team on 02 6021 1975 or via email and they can send you out the information in regards to the Program. No referral required. Certain individuals are eligible to claim the program on their private health insurance.

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