Pregnancy aches and pains

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in your life, as well as one of the most stressful and for some people unfortunately very painful. 

Women’s bodies have an astounding adaptability, their pelvis changes shape and expands and molds so that the tiny person developing inside them has a way into this world. This is through the stretching of ligaments; creating more space for the joints to move and expand and therefore the muscles stretch and adapt to the new pelvic shape. In many cases this is tolerated well by the female body. This whole process is made possible by the hormonal changes during pregnancy, a huge release and increased production of the hormone ‘relaxing’ is the main contributor to allow this movement. This is a necessary body response so that we can push a relatively large head and body through a narrow pelvic girdle. 

Unfortunately, with this adaption it can create pain and discomfort, often in the lower back, the back of the pelvis/hips or in front, and if you’re super unlucky all three…. Pain often presents as sharp pinching pains as well as a dull and constant ache. This can lead to feelings of instability and nerve like pain such as burning or pins and needles. 

These pains can sometimes present even before you know you’re pregnant but is exacerbated more so in the last trimester has your body goes through the big final changes before birth. 

Common complaints 

Some of the common complaints we find from pregnancy pain include

  • SIJ (sacroiliac joint) ligamentous pain. 
  • Muscle trigger and tender points 
  • Joint dysfunctions – lumbar facet joints, sacral torsions
  • Hip pain as a result of bursitis or glute tendon pain
  • Also areas away from the lower back – calves and feet, achilles and knee pain

So what can we do?

As osteopaths we can help alleviate symptoms and work with you to find management strategies that suit you and your lifestyle, and provide you with some simple and easy exercises and stretches to maintain your strength and stability.

We have a pregnancy pillow in our treatment rooms which allows comfort and support for you to lay down whilst we treat, so book online today! 

By all means, if you are concerned about any pain you may be feeling consult your GP or Midwife to settle any discomforts or uncertainties you may have! 

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