What is the Youth Development Academy at Sports and Spinal?

Sports and Spinal has been offering strength and conditioning coaching for young sports people for over a year now! The program is run by Osteopath Jack Saunders, and runs  twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays. Demand has required us to add twice as many training sessions compared to when we started!

The program is aimed at athletes aged around 14 to 18 from all sports, and so far our participants play soccer, cricket, golf, competition water skiing, hockey, basketball, AFL, athletics and netball to name a few. 

The program runs the length of the NSW school term, from 9 to 11 weeks. We utilise advanced assessment technology (AxIT) to assess the athletes prior to the start of their program, and again at the end to measure progress. This allows us to tailor the athletes programming to meet their individual sporting goals and address areas for improvement. 

Class Testing Results So Far!

We measure movement patterns like push-ups, squat force, landing force, single leg hop distance and overhead shoulder strength to name a few. At the time of testing after our last semester, collectively our athletes posted some amazing results! 

The cohort posted an amazing increase in Squat Force by 32.1%. They were able to land 17.63% lighter on a depth drop! The athletes could perform on average 40.74% more push-ups and jump 23.08% higher!

More Than Just the Numbers

We are thrilled with the improvement in strength our athletes have demonstrated, but the program is about much more. Strength and conditioning in junior sports, whether it aims to increase performance or decrease injury risk, is under utilised in Australia. 

The Sports and Spinal Youth Development Academy aims to introduce the basic concepts of gym based strength training to our athletes. We teach the basics of strength movements such as the squat, pull-up and bench press. We also teach the principles of strength, power and biomechanics as we train. 

How Can I Find Out More? 

Contact our Admin Team on 0260211975 or via email admin@sportsandspinal.net.au and they can send you out the information in regards to the Program. Want to know more about the AXIT technology click here to find out more  

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