The year that was 2022 at Sports & Spinal

Another year has gone by and calling it amazing would be an understatement. Our 8th year in business. Who would have thought that our brand could resonate so deeply with the local community. We love doing things differently and will continue to offer a service like no other for many years to come……but first, a review of 2022.

We had a big year of firsts. We had the honour of becoming the first “non-physiotherapy” based practice to take over the injury prevention and management of our only national league team, the Southern Vale Homes Albury Wodonga Bandits. It was a very successful year for the club, with sellouts a regular occurrence at home games and of course the Lady Bandits topping the ladder and going on to win the championship title. 


We were Albury Athletics first major sponsor – with the club now reaching in excess of 100 registered members. The club focuses on being all inclusive, a value we also share, with athletes ranging from beginners to elite, including national champions.

We sponsored some amazing home-grown talent – Tahli Smith (basketball), Munashe Hove (running), Eddie Daly (motocross), Jade Crook (basketball) and Mason Bayliss (lawn bowls) – as they all competed and achieved at various national and state levels.


Our team was lucky enough to be asked to be a major part of a few exciting community events. Crossfit TMA’s open, Club Lime Wodonga’s spring promotion and 3.65 for 365 campaign supporting Tony’s Trek. We continued our partnership with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, helping them recover from their injuries so they can continue to woo their crowds.

We opened our new Wodonga clinic at Shop 2, 19 South Street. With the addition of this space to our business, we became the first Osteopathic clinic to spread our wings and cover both sides of the border. Thanks to the help of McKeone, this building has been completed with the same attention to detail you have come to expect from us and our service.

With our new Wodonga shop came our newest service, reformer Pilates, in the form of Pilates at Sports & Spinal. Our reformers are extraordinary or “like a Rolls Royce on wheels” according to those experienced Pilates enthusiasts we have had attend, with the bed accompanied by a half trapeze (or tower). Our small group classes (5:1)  in our new boutique clinic allow you to get the attention you desire, ensuring you are truly getting the value and feedback you have become accustomed to with our other services.

Sports & Spinal Albury Wodonga (Wodonga clinic)






Whilst this technically happened in January 2023, we couldn’t leave this out. We are over-the-moon excited to have opened our third practice, Sports & Spinal Corowa. Located at 81 Sanger St, this newly refurbished old space is everything you would’ve hoped for and more. Osteopath Matt is the boss out there, carrying on our brand with the usual charm and charisma we all know he possesses.








We welcomed 6 new permanent team members. Chrissy, Liz, Jack, Jodie, Lorraine and Mary-Lou have all become priceless members of our business. Jack has brought his Osteopathic nous to us, Lorraine keeps our clinics clean and Chrissy, Liz, Jodie and Mary-Lou make up our Pilates instructing troupe. Three team members, Kayla, Alex and Renae, left to start their own small businesses. We are excited they could learn and grow with us to the point they felt comfortable enough to explore the world of small business ownership. 

Youth Development Academy

Speaking of Jack, we welcomed his brainchild, the Youth Development Academy, where individuals aged between 13-18 have been given individualised strength and conditioning programs to help them excel in their chosen sport. This program has seen an average strength gain in excess of 40% across our participants throughout the year.

We have had work experience students grace us with their presence. Amy, Jade, Matilda and Ned have joined us at various times throughout the year. Fingers crossed they continue to follow their passion and we see them as either Osteopath’s or Exercise Physiologist’s at some stage in the future.

Numerous social functions were held (because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company), we had lots of giveaways and delivered over 12000 consults.

We have achieved so much this year and could not have done it without our amazing team, who all deserve a mention. Our admin stars (or the “A team” as they’d like to be referred to), Kelly, Kerry and Justine, who greet you with their beaming smiles everytime you walk in the door. Our Pilates instructor extraordinaires, Chrissy, Liz, Jodie and Mary-Lou, you ladies are incredible. Lorraine for keeping the clinic’s sparkling. Of course our legendary team of therapists, Bailey, Cameron, Cathy, Matt and Jack, you all do such an unbelievable job. Because of all of you, a simple trip down the street in my work uniform often means getting stopped frequently by clients telling me how awesome of an experience they have had with our team…….and last but certainly not least, the true stars in my life, my family. You are always there supporting me. Thank you 🙂

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