Meet Local Osteopath Dr Bailey Lang

Bailey Lang

Osteopath & Exercise Physiologist

Bailey is another home grown country girl hailing from Beechworth. Given Beechworth is a small town, Bailey and Vaughan share some history of sporting pursuits for Beechworth Football and Netball Club, playing squash and tennis and many other country town activities having shared the same friendship circle whilst growing up. However for Bailey, golf is still the single most relaxing and frustrating sport she has come across!

Bailey has had an assortment of major and minor sporting injuries, which mostly came from her time spent on the netball court playing division one Premier League in Melbourne for 10 years. This peaked her interest in injury prevention and management, and how to best rehabilitate and condition the body in preparation for any activity. This includes pain in any location of the body, whether new or old. Bailey graduated from RMIT in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Complementary Medicine and a Masters of Osteopathy.

Prior to Osteopathy Bailey worked for Austin Health in Melbourne as an Allied Health Assistant after graduating from Exercise Science in 2007. This experience exposed her to many chronic diseases, injuries and other health conditions and worked alongside other health disciplines to discharge people as quickly as possible from hospital. This aspect is important to Bailey as she believes in getting people better as efficiently as possible and prescribing appropriate exercise and/or lifestyle changes to enable a speedy recovery.

Bailey has also completed her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the start of 2019, which has added another notch to her belt to help in the recovery of injuries. She is also very interested in chronic disease management and prevention.

In her spare time you will find Bailey enjoying many different activities like going down to Melbourne to enjoy her friends company, spectating or participating in many different sports, eating good food, cooking good food (which her dad and Ben enjoy also!), going bush for a couple of days with her partner Ben and much more!

Bailey's area of interest is in treating:

Injury Prevention & Management.
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  • B Hlth Sc
  • M Hlth Sc (Osteo)
  • M Clin Ex Phys
  • Member of Osteopathy Australia

What is your guilty pleasure?
I can’t limit that to one answer! Chocolate, pasta, cheese, foot and back scratches. I could list more but I’ll stop there!

Name three people you would love to have dinner with and why?
– Liz Ellis and Sue Gaudion as a duo. Liz Ellis in my eyes has been the best GK for Australia in Netball. Sue Gaudion was a stellar coach who gets right to the point without any fluff added. The both now combine to commentate the Suncorp Super Netball League, and they are brilliantly knowledgeable and extremely funny and entertaining women!

– Idris Elba. Great English actor who has played many roles across TV and film. I could watch him all day…for reasons other than being a good actor!

What is your favourite place in the world?
Ireland. Our family history was tracked back to Ireland around County Tipperary. We travelled there in 2012 and it felt like I had gone home. The people were awesome, the scenery was so green and lush, I loved everywhere we went. I can’t wait to get back there!

Are you a book or movie person? And what is your favourite one?
Both. I can’t pick out a favourite as my interests are very varied. But I have read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte multiple times, along with The Power of One and Tandia by Bryce Courtney, as well as Harry Potter series multiple times, along with watching the movies many times!

Who is the best team in the world, apart from our Sports & Spinal Albury crew?
Australian Diamonds Netball team. Being a Netball nut, it’s an obvious choice!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I have really started to love gardening. After moving out to Stanley and having awesome dirt to play in, it really is hard to kill any plants out there!

Dr Bailey Lang is a trained Osteopath and Exercise Physiologist at Sports & Spinal Albury. She has an interest in injury prevention and management.

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