About Dr Jack Saunders

Jack grew up down the Murray River in Mildura. He completed his Osteopathy training in Melbourne at Victoria University, graduating in late 2020. Soon after graduating he decided a move to the Albury Wodonga area would be a great fit for him. Like many before him, Jack pursued a career in Osteopathy after first hand experience with Osteo’s and Physio’s managing his own sports related injuries.

Jack’s move back to rural Victoria was driven by a love of the lifestyle that can be enjoyed in places like Albury Wodonga, as well as an opportunity to continue his basketball career with the Albury Wodonga Bandits. He has a strong interest in the management of sports related pain and injuries, particularly in the athletic development of young athletes. Jack also finds working with clients from all walks of life, with varying aches and injuries rewarding. Jack strives to empower his clients to take control of their pain and/or injury on the way to achieving their goals. He has completed further training in dry-needling and myofascial cupping.

When Jack’s not working or at basketball training, you can find him at the gym, hanging out with friends or commuting back to Mildura to visit family. He is looking forward to continuing to explore the greater Albury Wodonga region!

Jack's area of interest is in treating:

Chronic headaches & Back Pain.
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Buying and building the occasional lego set.. It’s extremely satisfying, and expensive guilty pleasure.

Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, the first men to step foot on another celestial body! If Neil were alive today, I would love to discuss his otherworldly experiences with Buzz.

Larry Bird, one of the greatest to ever grace a basketball court and a fierce competitor for the 80s Boston Celtics.

Edinburgh, Scotland. The epic gothic architecture and atmosphere was like nothing else I have experienced. It is hard to go past heading home to Mildura and spending time on the Murray with family though.

Both! I’m not sure which I enjoy more! When it comes to movies I grew up binge watching Top Gun with its epic soundtrack and fighter jet cinematography. My favourite books come from a nerdy science fiction series called The Expanse.

The Boston Celtics! I am still riding high from their last championship in 2008.

I have already alluded to the fact that I’m a bit of a Sci Fi geek!

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