The AxIT – Next generation technology has arrived

We have taken Osteopathy Albury to the next level…..introducing the AxIT system.

If you follow our tremendous Facebook page which we love to update and provide new content, you will have seen us boasting about our newest and best technology – the AxIT system!!  This system is state of the art, backed by research and rigorous testing, we’re super excited to use it because we know that it will help achieve better results for our patients!

So what is an AxIT system?

The AxIT system is a series of devices that measure force loads, including maximum power and strength, the peak force rate we can achieve producing that power. At the moment this is achieved through two plates on the ground which we can squat and lunge and leap on, we also have two hand held dynamometers which can measure push and pull strength, in fact at the moment there is over 120 functional strength tests we can perform and measure!

How does it help?

This system allows us to measure everything we need! No more guess work! This can be particularly helpful in return to sport or work activities, able to compare strength left or right – which yes, we could by hand but studies suggest there needs to be a 25% difference for our hands to know- That’s a lot!! But what we can do is measure the rate we make this force and how that could impact sport and activities. 

This information allows us to develop a more specific rehab program to get you back feeling strong and healthy and help reduce the chance of re-injury. And it’s quick and easy to use meaning you still get the hands-on treatment you love!

With being able to track your own progression and see the results this should help you be compliant and motivated with your exercise regime! And at the end of the day that’s what we want! Sure, it’s fun for us and you to use – but positive patient results are our overall goal!

AxIT super sessions!

  • Another fantastic thing is you don’t have to have an injury to benefit from this, we can use this technology for super screens to assess and natural discrepancies you may have, and the data produced can help predict your likelihood of potential injuries!
  • We’ll be designing some super screens individualised for your sport or lifestyle activity, this can involve up to 20 tests. We will then discuss your results and can forward your results on to you with some easy to read graphs and data! Perhaps the best thing is we can then track your progress with retesting to see how your training program has helped! Whether it be you wanting to get stronger or perform a more functional movement! 
  • Likewise, if you’re undergoing something like a 6-12 week challenge you can see how far you’ve come! Reinvigorate that desire and drive to be a healthier version of yourself!
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