Suffering with Headaches and Migraines? We can Help!

We never go a day without treating a client that complains of a headache. Symptoms can range from tension around your head and difficulty concentrating to feeling extreme pressure in your head, possibly accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.
Our exceptional Osteopaths are highly trained in diagnosis & treatment of the various types of headaches, including migraine, tension, cervicogenic, cluster and sinus headaches.

At Sports & Spinal Albury Wodonga it is rare we go a day without treating a client that complains of a headache. In fact they are incredibly common throughout the world, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggesting that nearly half (47%) of the adult population has had a headache in the last year and 5% of people experience headaches daily.

Our Osteopaths are exceptional.  They are highly trained in diagnosis of the various types of headaches, including migraine, tension, cervicogenic, cluster and sinus headaches.

The most common type of headaches we, as Osteopaths, see in practice are cervicogenic and tension headaches, which is not surprisingly considering these make up 78% of all headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches originate from increased tension, muscle stiffness and/or joint strain in the cervical spine (or neck). They are often described by the individual as a build-up of tension originating in the back of the head before spreading into the top of the head, forehead, eyes and/or temples.

These headaches are typically a constant, steady, dull ache, which is often unilateral but can be bilateral. Onset is generally gradual and they can be present on waking or build up throughout the day.  They can be associated with acute trauma such as a whiplash injury or can be from repetitive trauma associated with poor work ergonomics or sport activities.

Tension headaches usually last just a few hours but they can persist for days or months in some cases.  The client usually describes feeling like they either have a tight band around their head or they feel pressure in through their forehead.  Similar to cervicogenic headaches, they can also cause aching in the temporal regions and back of the head.

Both headaches can be associated with light-headedness, dizziness and/or tinnitus. Nausea may also be present.

How can we help?

Our Osteopaths are expertly trained and provide exceptional care. We will work with you to:

  • Improve joint mobility (particularly in the cervical and thoracic spine).
  • Reduce muscular tension.
  • Reduce nerve irritation.
  • Improve blood flow and drainage to and from the head and neck.

And because we believe prevention is better than cure, we will:

  • Work with you to prevent future headaches with advice on posture, exercises and stretches
  • Provide advice on an improved ergonomic environment

There is a reason that so many of the people that come to our clinic are referred by their friends or family members.  Come in and find out why we are the Osteopaths that care.

What to expect in your consult?

Your initial consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant past history, including previous injuries and medical history, followed by a physical exam to determine not only the diagnosis but also find the root cause of your problem. This will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be formulated to accommodate your needs.

The treatment itself will vary from individual to individual, but will often include a combination of hands on therapies, dry needling, taping, advice, exercise prescription as well as other options.


Osteopaths are covered by most Private Health insurance schemes. To be sure you are covered please consult your insurance policy. We have HICAPs facilities available for those with Private Health so you can automatically claim your treatment and only have to pay the gap.

No referral is necessary to come to our clinic.

Osteopaths like to be thorough and hence our consults tend to take half an hour on average.

It is advised that you arrive between 5 and 10 minutes prior to your initial consult as you are required to fill out a new patient and informed consent forms before treatment can commence.

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