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Common Injuries We Treat at Sports & Spinal

Neck & Back Pain

Behind the “Cold & Flu”, back and/or neck pain is the second most common reason visit their GP. 80% of us will suffer an episode at some stage in their life. It can be quite debilitating. Symptoms range from tightness and tension to difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and bending forward to pick up an object off the ground.
But just because it is common, does not mean it is normal. Otherwise our kids would be walking around in agony. What we do know is you are always better off doing something sooner rather than later.

Headaches & Migraines

At Sports & Spinal Albury we never go a day without treating a client that complains of a headache. Symptoms can range from tension around your head and difficulty concentrating to feeling extreme pressure in your head, possibly accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.
Our exceptional Osteopaths are highly trained in diagnosis & treatment of the various types of headaches, including migraine, tension, cervicogenic, cluster and sinus headaches.

Sporting Injuries

From that little niggle to piercing pain and inability to bear weight, Sports & Spinal Albury Osteopaths have seen a large range of sporting injuries. Niggling hamstrings, rolled ankles, knee twinges, piercing elbow pain, a tight calf, collarbone fracture… name it, we have seen it. From the “weekend warrior” to the international level athlete, we are proud to be able to help aid in everyone’s recovery.
One thing that is common to all sporting injuries, it is vital to get your injury seen to as soon as possible. Research has shown that early treatment plays a huge role in early recovery.

Sciatica & Pinched Nerves

Sciatica or a pinched nerve causing radiating pain down an arm or leg can be unbearable. Often known to be the result of lifting a heavy object and long hours gardening, but less commonly understood as an injury related with long hours sitting at a computer, pain that niggles, aches, shoots or pierces is commonly referred to as a pinched nerve. This reference comes from the feeling that something is “caught” between two vertebra. This may be the case. But that is not always the case.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can range anywhere from a slight dull ache to extremely debilitating where even weightbearing and walking is difficult. Knee pain occurs for a variety of reasons. Repetitive strain and direct trauma are the most common causes. Poor hip and/or poor foot and ankle mechanics often lead to knee pain and injury. With so many structures that can be involved and so many causes, accurate diagnosis is essential in treating knee injuries and preventing them from reoccurring.

Tendonitis & Bursitis

Tendonitis & bursitis often go hand in hand. Inflammation of the tendon is often due to over-use or repetitive strain, hence the injury was commonly known as a repetitive strain injury or RSI. Bursitis is inflammation of the sac of fluid (bursa) that helps reduce friction between a tendon and the underlying bone.
He associated pain often starts as a little niggle that go away with rest but returns immediately on returning to activity. Over a period of time the pain doesn’t disappear and can become so intense that simple activities of daily living like sleeping, walking and lifting become painful.

Pain during Pregnancy

During pregnancy the body undergoes immense physical, hormonal and emotional changes. So whilst pregnancy should be remembered as a joyous and exciting time in your life, it can place a lot of undue strain on your body leading to discomfort or pain.
Generalised back and hip pain, sciatica from nerve compression and/or pubic and sacroiliac joint pain from instability commonly occur. Neck pain and headaches often become more frequent as pregnancy progresses. Whilst these are common, there is something you can do about it.

Postural Strain

Strain from adopting the same posture is a massive problem in our lives. Modern day society has us spending many hours in the same posture with little variation in this posture. Our body was designed to move….and move a lot….in various different ways……and we just don’t do it often enough.
Postural strain often begins as stiffness, before slowly progressing to a more distinct pain that is often present when adopting the position that caused the strain in the first place. The strain can range from being a little annoying to completely debilitating. Neck and backs are commonly injured areas, but it does effect various other areas throughout the body.

Arthritis & Degeneration

Degeneration and osteoarthritis as like wrinkles and grey hairs, they are a natural physiological process that we cannot avoid. As we get older, the elasticity present within our body deteriorates and thus excess strain is felt through our joints and muscles.
Generalised, early morning stiffness & aching joints that progressively become more painful are common characteristics of age related arthritic changes. The good news, is they don’t have to be.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be incredibly debilitating. Afterall, we use it for so many things. Drinking our cups of coffee, hanging out the washing, lifting our kids up, throwing a ball, typing at a computer, the list is endless. If bad enough, it not only stops you doing what you want to do, it also keeps you awake at night.
The complexity of the shoulder commonly makes it difficult for some therapist to treat. No joint in the body has the range of motion that this joint does and with muscles arising from many other areas of the body; neck, upper and lower back, pelvis, chest/rib cage and forearm, it takes skilled assessment and treatment to find the exact root cause. That’s where we come in.

Elbow & Wrist Pain

Elbow and wrist pain is often the result of repetitive strain/overuse. It is commonly known that sports requiring a lot of hitting a ball such as golf and tennis can cause such injuries. What is less well known is that things we do everyday, often as a result of work where we perform the same activity over and over again, such as typing or using a mouse, lifting boxes, hammering nails, cutting wood, etc can also lead to overuse injuries of the elbow and/or wrist.
Arthritis, joint sprains and muscle strains are also likely. Pain can occur as the result of direct or indirect trauma, such as a fall where you put your hand out to stop your fall (FOOSH) can result in direct trauma to the wrist and indirect trauma to the elbow.

Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

Foot and ankle pain can be an incredibly complex issue. One quarter of the bones found in the human body are in the foot and ankle – 26 to be exact. Not to mention 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. The foot and ankle act as a foundation, shock absorber and propulsion engine.
Pain in this area can often be debilitating. It is commonly worsened by one of life’s simplest ADL’s, walking. Poor foot and/or lower limb mechanics often trigger excessive strain on structures in the foot and ankle leading to injury.

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