Osteopath in Albury Wodonga

Osteopaths at Sports & Spinal Albury Wodonga provide a client centred, evidence-based approach to each individual client that is unrivalled. Our Osteopaths have not only completed 5 years training at University but they regularly attend ongoing professional development to make sure we maintain our commitment to help make Albury Wodonga the happiest, healthiest place to live in the world.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a unique form of “hands on” manual therapy which recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.

Our holistic views mean we have a distinctive approach whereby we treat the whole body, not just the site of injury. Using skilled assessment and diagnosis, osteopaths can identify important types of dysfunction in your body.

Osteopaths then use a wide range of techniques including soft tissue massage, stretching, joint manipulation and mobilisation to treat injury, improve mobility, increase performance and restore health.

Our main point of difference from other Albury Osteopaths

At Sports & Spinal Albury our practitioners have completed various extra training in techniques such dry needling, cupping and kinesio taping to further enhance our ability to treat dysfunctions. All techniques are carefully chosen to suit you, the individual, with the aim of helping you recover quickly. We not only want to meet your goals, wants and needs, we want to exceed them.

But we don’t stop there. Client education is always at the forefront of our treatment. We want you to really understand what can be done by you, through stretching, mobilisation, exercise or activity modification, to help increase injury healing times.

All this means you leave knowing what your problem is, how long it may take to get better, what you can do to help it and how you can prevent recurrence. The full package.

What to expect in your consult?

Your initial consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant past history, including previous injuries and medical history, followed by a physical exam to determine not only the diagnosis but also find the root cause of your problem. This will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be formulated to accommodate your needs.

The treatment itself will vary from individual to individual, but will often include a combination of hands on therapies, dry needling, taping, advice, exercise prescription as well as other options.


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